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Your Affordable Saltillo Tile Cleaning Service

We follow a very specific process for Saltillo tile cleaning jobs. We always use the right equipment and machinery, as well as hand-wash the corners of the room, edges and hard to reach areas. We use a combination of soft cleaning pads, brushes, neutral pH cleaners and degreasers. These products are safe for your Saltillo tile, your family and the environment. Our first priority is to make sure you receive the kind of workmanship we'd be happy to give our own relatives. The happier your are the more likely you are to refer your family, neighbors and friends.

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Saltillo Tile Cleaning Near Me

The trick to properly cleaning Saltillo tile is to take your time and be carefult. Being too aggressive in your cleaning can damage the tile by breaking down the acrylic finish that protects the clay. If the finish is ever worn from the tile your floors are more vulnerable to staining from pet accidents, dirty mop water, spills, and the grime from everyday shoe traffic. Our 18+ years of experience with Saltillo and knowledge of clay itself will avoid these issues.

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How to care for Saltillo Tile Floors

Saltillo floors look fantastic, but they come with their own cleaning challenges. Saltillo tile is very porous and allows liquid to soak in quite easily. Unlike ceramic tile, there is no glaze on the top surface. When it comes time to mop your Saltillo Tile floor its best to use a white vinegar and warm water solution. A good rule of thumb is to use a half cup of the vinegar for each gallon of warm water. Using this kind of solution will prevent the floor from being stripped of its sealant. While you're mopping keep a second bucket of plain warm water to rinse the mop between each pass on the floor. Doing this helps ensure you don’t put too much dirt into the vinegar and water solution before the next pass. Once you are finished with this mopping empty the buckets and rinse the mop thoroughly to remove dirt. Fill one bucket with plain warm water and mop the entire floor as before. This will help get rid of any remaining dirt. Be sure to wring out as much water as possible before you mop to prevent excessive water on the floor. If you have environmental concerns, vinegar is one of the best environmentally-friendly cleaning supplies.

Reapplying the polish is important if any areas of the floor begin to show wear. Maintaining the sealant/polish also helps extend the life of the sealant and minimizes the need for ongoing repairs.

After you mop, Saltillo Tile floors need to be sealed. Use a sponge mop to apply the saltillo tile sealer over the entire floor. Begin at one end, proceed across and downwards to ensure you don’t miss any sections of the floor. Allow the sealer to dry after applying it evenly. You can use a damp cloth to clear any sealer spills.

It's also important to inspect for cracks in the floor. Saltillo tile can crack easier than you think. Moving furniture, or reckless vacuuming can cause cracks. This is especially true in homes with older tile floors. Although some cracks can be repaired, in a lot of case cracked tile must be replaced. This is one reason why it’s a good idea to have a professional tile cleaner do the job for you. We know, that was a shameless plug.

We get the job done right, and you'll know you've made the right choice after working with us. Thanks for stopping by.

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Tile Cleaning FAQ

How will you clean my tile & grout?

Our technicians use a specialty cleaning agents that's designed specifically for tile, grout and natural stone. These cleaners are formulated to remove mineral sealing, yellowing soap scum, greasy soils, etc. Once the cleaners have done their job we rinse everything free using a high-pressure, rotary water jet sprayer and extraction system.

How much does tile cleaning cost?

Typically you can expect to ay between $0.40 to $0.50 per square foot of ceramic, non-sealed travertine, and marble tile. The cost to clean saltillo can rance from $2 to $2.25 per square foot. The final cost of any tile cleaning project is dependent on two main factors: the type of tile you need cleaned, and the amount of effort or work it will take to get the tile looking like new again.

The material cost is pretty straight forward. As for the second part, we often ask our customers to take a look inside their pantry. If it's tiled, it will most often look very similar to how your floors looked when then were brand new. To a tile cleaner we never know how long its been since the floors were cleaned last, how much foot traffic and wear and tear they go through, as well as a host of other considerations. These are the variables that will determine the final cost of your cleaning.

How often should I have my tile & grout cleaned?

This is always a difficult question because floors differ based on who uses them and how much traffic they endure. Just like with carpet, a lot of factors should be considered when determining how often you should clean your floors. Foot traffic, children, pets and routine floor maintenance will affect how often you need to have your tile & grout cleaned. The effectiveness of any previously applied sealants and regular maintenance schedules are also important factors in determining how often a professional floor cleaning is needed. Sealants help to keep dirt on the surface for maintenance cleaning & removal. It is important not to use acidic cleaning agents for maintenance on tile and grout. Acidic cleaning agents compromise the sealant and make it easier for dirt, oils and liquids to seep into the porous material. This makes it hard, if not impossible, for common cleaning maintenance. We recommend cleaning floors with warm water and a neutral pH cleaning agent such as dish detergent.

When I want to mop my floors do I have to use a special cleaner after sealant is applied?

You always want the sealant to last as long as possible since this is what's helping repel dirt and liquid from the grout. To preserve the life of the sealant, we recommend that you use a neutral cleaner on your floor. These means avoiding any cleaners that are acidic. We recommend using a small amount of dish detergent such as Dawn in a gallon of warm water for cleaning. Rinsing the floors after mopping will also help. Try to avoid using bleach and other harsh chemical cleaners since they can dissolve the sealant and cause it to break down prematurely.

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Should you strip your Saltillo tile floors?

Only under the most extreme circumstances to we recommend stripping saltillo clay. Seriously, use this as a last resort if possible. In most instances a saltillo floor can be fixed by using other methods that will not damage or discolor the tile.  The problem is there are risks associated with chemically stripping saltillo floors. These risks include:  bleaching/discoloration of the clay, sealer delamination from the clay, and ongoing maintenance issues created from residual stripping chemical trapped in the clay.  We can help you find other options before you consider stripping your saltillo floors.